Hi, I'm Justin!

Web Developer


Hi! My name is Justin and I currently live and work in Manchester, England. I started web development at 10 years old and created a website about my favourite anime at the time - Digimon. Ever since then I was fascinated by creating functional and fun websites or web systems. I’ve gained international experience by travelling and improving my craft across the globe in countries like Lithuania, Canada, Indonesia and the UK.

As a developer I’m always thriving to gain more knowledge and embrace new technologies. Big proponent of writing scalable, maintainable code with documentation while having time considerations in mind. Knowledge of current trends and best practices in front-end and back-end architecture, including performance, accessibility and usability.


My Specialities

Recent Work


  • Built Boohoo Order Management System that is used for issuing refunds and resends, searching for orders, viewing order data, writing down notes etc.
  • Used Laravel 5/6 and AWS SQS queues for multiple projects within the company to handle product and order data flow.
  • Used VueJS to create an interactive and intuitive Single Page App for customer support.
  • Used Docker and AWS to automate project deployment.
  • Faced day-to-day technical challenges of ensuring software architecture can successfully handle up to 100,000 orders a day.
  • Followed TDD and BDD principles to provide software test coverage by writing unit, integration and end-to-end tests with PHPUnit and Laravel Dusk.
  • Was involved in creating new software architecture solutions to automate manual work and optimize existing out-dated technical solutions.
  • Worked with test team using Agile Scrum and Kanban methodologies to ensure the quality and timelines of development.

TV List (Personal Project)

  • Used React to build a single-page-app to search, track TV shows and mark them as watched.
  • Used NodeJS API with MongoDB to store user data.
  • Fully automated deployment using Serverless, Netlify and Github Actions.
  • Used Jest, Enzyme and Puppeteer to write automated tests.
  • Source code can be found on my Github.


  • Created a workplace safeguarding platform from the ground up.
  • Main functionality includes reporting incidents, viewing and replying to them, managing mentors and their permissions.
  • Used Laravel 5 to create an API for the front-end web app and mobile apps.
  • Used Angular 5 to create a smooth and user-friendly web app.
  • Angular Material designs and SCSS modules were used for styling the app.
  • Worked with the CTO of the company to create database architecture and translate business vision into technical requirements.

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